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ReadyCert is owned and operated by Electronic Health Resources LLC. We are a heath-IT focused management consulting firm based out of Tallahassee, FL. The team originally built ReadyCert as an internal consulting tool for automating processes involved with Medicaid IT certifications and IT regulatory compliance. When our (impressed) clients advised us these automations could be used by the industry we released ReadyCert to pilot communities in Medicaid and IT Security firms nationwide for testing and use case development.

ReadyCert was trialed by US State Government Health and Human Services Departments and was eventually piloted by State of Nebraska for several years. During this time the product matured and was released to the interested licensee. The EHR team actively promoted ReadyCert as the de facto MITA tracking tool for tracking required Medicaid business processes and performing self assessments surrounding Medicaid IT. We responded to several RFPs released by the states and won the business of many state partners.

Under these precarious times with regards to the state of cloud security and system security, EHR has produced another flagship assessment product for the assessment community - ReadyCert 4.0 which introduces Agnostic compliance and the ability to cross-comply. This allowed us to take the tool out of the health IT space and move on to NIST 800-171, 800-53, and anything that can map to it or is remotely similar in terms of architectural data structure, producing standard deliverables like the NIST 800-18, the DOD required SPRS report, and many others.

ReadyCert can automate your compliance program - whether that's in the purchasing department, M&A, finance and transactions, FDA, anywhere an ISO or ADA standard needs to be applied - our self-assessment solution is strong enough to kick start your compliance program and to produce meaningful ROI for you and your clients in the form of effort and cash savings as well as operational risk reduction.

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Meet the Team

Meet the ReadyCert Team

Meet the ReadyCert Team

Meet the ReadyCert Team

Meet the ReadyCert Team

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Partnerships are the core driving concept behind ReadyCert because it is at its core a collaboration tool not a competition tool. Reach out - we would love to help you with your pilot project, we would love to talk about partnering with your company or government organization.

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