Centers for Medicaid and Medicaire Services Outcome Based Certification

CMS Outcome Based Certification

Centers for Medicaid and Medicaire Services Outcome Based Certification

Outcome Based Certification

To help states focus their efforts on achieving the business outcomes embodied in the 21st Century Cures Act ("Cures Act") and reduce the certification burden, the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) has developed a streamlined and outcomes-based approach to Electronic Visit Verification (EVV) certification.

This streamlined and outcomes-based approach is designed to ensure that EVV systems receiving federal financial participation (FFP) meet the business needs of the state and of CMS. EVV certification is structured around the following elements:

• Outcome statements. These describe the desired results once the system is implemented. CMS provided outcomes are based on the Cures Act. You can prove your outcomes using ReadyCert to securely house your assurance data alongside your requirements and outcome statements.

• Evaluation criteria and required evidence. These correspond to outcome statements. Using ReadyCert to track your self-assessment data, evaluation criteria and required evidence are always at your fingertips making this process a quick one.

• Key performance indicators (KPIs). These metrics support the outcome statements and are used to track the performance of the system over time. Tracking your KPIs by Business Area and by Milestone in ReadyCert ensures your KPI data is always up to date.

EVV Outcomes-based certification is a collaboration activity and is only made better when all stakeholders-(CMS, Vendor/Data Provider, and the State) use the ultimate compliance collaboration tool, ReadyCert.