CMS Certification with ReadyCert

ReadyCert was built to drive Certification projects at lightning speed. ReadyCert treats your project RTM like a Certification checklist, and treats your Certification checklist like a project RTM. Using the familiar process of requirements fulfillment, ReadyCert empowers your Enterprise to recycle the work of Certification by transforming checklist items and solution requirements into relate-able data elements. When loaded in ReadyCert your system review criteria, fulfillment responses, evaluations and artifacts are quantified and tracked across projects and enterprises to provide deep intelligence and insight into your Compliance narrative.


Pharmacy Checklist (MMIS Module)

CSF PH2: Provider claims are adjudicated accurately within established time parameters.


Checklist Item Guidance

For R1, evidence could include acquisition documents, test plans, or requirements that demonstrate plans to incorporate and test this requirement. For R2 and R3, evidence could include screenshots of error message generated when a non-numeric character is placed into a numeric-only field.

Checklist Item Source


Checklist Item Criteria

The system verifies that all fields defined as numeric contain only numeric data.

Certification with ReadyCert

ReadyCert saves time and effort when producing the required evidence and reports for compliance with OM.PH2.4. Does your company's solution or medicaid enterprise system comply with ... "The system verifies that all fields defined as numeric contain only numeric data." ... Prove it meaningfully with ReadyCert. Provide clear and concise linkage from the RFP, to the Test Case, to the utilization reports and a secure and convenient application specially engineered to make compliance work quick and easy.

ReadyCert is the Software as a Service (SaaS) answer to Compliance! Take the tour with one of our subject matter experts with you or your entire team. You'll learn how ReadyCert will save your team time and effort when performing compliance work by automating mundane tasks and streamlines reporting across projects, enterprises and frameworks. Our team will show you how ReadyCert improves consistency and eliminates duplicate work scenarios, how it tracks vendor information and how controls are mapped to your enterprise's business areas.

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