Cyber Security Program Management with ReadyCert

Cyber Security Program Management with ReadyCert

Do you ever wonder how important cyber security is to your company? Do you ever wonder if the media hype is overblown? Do you ponder what how you can best secure your data and business interests?

In 2014 IBM did a noteworthy study of cyber attack incident data from their own worldwide security operations and the findings do illustrate some of the challenges you may be facing in your business’ approach to cyber security.

For this study IBM identified, tracked, and investigated over 16,000 cyber-attacks of all kinds. About 38% were a result of malicious code attacks that we might think of as viruses and such. This low percentage may surprise you, but it may also be because most users do have anti-virus software loaded and in force. Unauthorized access, access abuse and suspicious access activities make up a little over half of incidents. And this is where the real issue lies. The human factor in cyber security plays a huge role in how well protected your data really is.

The 2020 shift to a remote workforce has the side consequence of more reliance on each member of your team to be individually secure. Networking applications make movement of data easier between remote workers, but also make it easier for a single bad file to spread across your organization. Access points that used to be more restricted to your physical location may be more vulnerable with a more diversly located team members.

IBM found that 3 industries bear the bulk of the recorded incidents; these are:

  • Finance and Insurance, 
  • Manufacturing, 
  • Information and Communication.

How do you know if you are at risk?  That is easy, everyone is at risk?  How prepared are you? The best way to know the answer to that is to do a self-assessment of your current approach to cyber security.  Don’t know where to start?  That may be the easiest question of the day,  call us for a discussion of how ReadyCert and our cyber security team can best help you prepare for the future.

If you want to read the report for yourself, here is the link

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