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This document contains the privacy policy for the front facing domain of

ReadyCert is a software product published by Electronic Health Resources (EHR-LLC) with principle address at 113 South Monroe Street, 1st Floor Tallahassee, FL 32301.

When you access this site, you are accessing a web service provided for your information only to educate you about the ReadyCert product.

Information We Collect

We collect information you submit to us by filling out the various forms on the website. We use analytics software to measure how the site is used by users and the various web robots out there.

Forms collect information as stated in the forms. For more information about how analytics software collects your data, please be referred to Google Analytics' website: and

Why We Collect Information

We want to show you ReadyCert, we think you'll really like it! So we've provided a spiffy form for you to fill out.

3rd Party Data Processing

We use 3rd party applications to process data such as Mailchimp and Zoho. We utilize strict data processing agreements with our 3rd party application providers to ensure data is kept secure and private, such as the HIPAA business associate agreement.

Your Privacy Controls

If you want to contact us and have us delete any data you've previously submitted to us, that's fine. Ping us using the privacy contact form below - we'll respond! (please note if you signed up for a mailing list - this is NOT the unsubscribe link)

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